About Us

Monarc Environmental, a Fyfe Division, is a leading consultancy specialising in applying multi-disciplined environmental science. Monarc’s areas of expertise are geology, land remediation, ecology, botany, zoology, hydrogeology and environmental engineering.

Monarc’s personnel apply an intimate knowledge of the natural world, and the impact industries have on the environment when providing a range of consulting products to Government departments, Utilities, Natural Resource Managers, associated industry, and the general public with expert guidance, timely service, and products of a higher quality than can be offered by many contemporary agencies.


Company Background

Incorporated in 2003, Monarc Environmental had its origins in the Land Remediation Department of the former Victoria Gas and Fuel Corporation.  Several Monarc staff have extensive experience in environmental management within the utilities sector. In 2019, Monarc Environmental became a part of Fyfe Pty Ltd, expanding and enhancing Fyfe’s current environmental capabilities.



Monarc Environmental Capabilities include:

  • Construction Environment Management Plans (CEMPs)
  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting
  • Flora and Fauna Assessments and Impact Analysis
  • Flora and Fauna Salvage
  • Lineal Infrastructure
  • Net Gain Assessments and Offset Management Plans
  • Trench Assessments
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Contamination Assessments
  • Vegetation Quality Assessments
  • Landfill Environmental Management
  • Remediation and Soil Management
  • Environmental Regulatory Approvals
  • Underground Fuel Tanks