Decommissioning of Storage Tanks

Underground fuel storage tanks (USTs) can be a major source of soil and ground water contamination. Environmental Protection Authority around Australia and the Australian Institute of Petroleum have extensive Guidelines and Codes of Practice for the design, installation, management, and decommissioning/removal of USTs.

Monarc Environmental has extensive experience in the management of sites containing USTs and has been a principal consultant for the removal of USTs from a broad range of properties, using processes that ensure our clients’ obligations with regard to current guidelines and regulations are met.


Monarc’s services in Underground Storage Tanks include:

  • Determine the location and size of the UST using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Decommissioning of UST in-situ or ex-situ and associated structures
  • Ex-situ management from removal of remaining liquid, excavation, tank removal, disposal to an appropriate facility, excavation validation and reinstatement
  • In-situ management from removal of remaining liquid, in-situ sampling, filling tank with inert material, design and installation of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Classification of surrounding material for reuse or disposal offsite
  • Project management, sampling and investigation, evaluation and reporting

Our clients include:

  • Petrol station owners and operators
  • Power distribution and transmission utilities
  • Electricity generators
  • Gas networks and owners of former gasworks sites
  • Property developers
  • Road, train and infrastructure networks
  • Councils and Government departments
  • Construction companies and contractors