Geographic Information Systems

Monarc Environmental provide expert consultative environmental GIS services.  Monarc utilises the latest core software platform being ArcMap for desktop end of works, and ArcPad for the field work/data collection. The Esri software suite is the global industry standard for GIS providing Monarc operators with a powerful and dynamic toolset for the large portion of our GIS requirements.

Monarc specialises in accessible digitisation of environments, easily overlaid with ecologically pertinent datasets associated with contemporary science and legislation.

Monarc’s desktop cross-platform capabilities allow the integration of data collected in the field with various data types utilised by various disciplines for project specific analysis.


GIS and Ecological consulting:

  • Advanced data collection methods
  • Cross platform capabilities State wide dataset interrogation

GIS & Agriculture – Farm mapping:

  • Farm Mapping – see Farm Mapping Capability Statement

 Environmental Science:

  • Study design for environmental monitoring

Dataset management and analysis:

  • Thorough understanding of GIS software capabilities
  • Holistic approach to data management
  • Dynamic and streamlined analysis