Hydrogeological Assessments

Monarc Environmental conduct field and desktop investigations to develop Site Contamination Models (‘SCMs’) and Conceptual Hydrogeological Models (‘CHMs’) for former industrial sites. SCMs and CHMs are tools to identify plausible source-pathway-receptor scenarios at a site through an understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes that determine the transport of contaminants from sources through environmental media to receptors.

The primary objective of a SCM is to establish the sources and three-dimensional distribution of contamination beneath the Site, while a CHM is intended to establish the way this contamination interacts with and may be transported by the underlying groundwater. The CHM is particularly important for understanding risks of possible off-site migration and impact of site contaminants.


Monarc’s services for Hydrogeological Assessments include:

  • Development of investigation plans and design of a groundwater bore network
  • Obtaining the necessary permits with the relevant water authority for bore construction and bore decommissioning including relevant landowner approvals for offsite bores
  • Installation, development, geophysical bore survey, survey to MGA coordinates, hydraulic testing and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Assessment and evaluation of groundwater analytical data against prevailing guidelines, including relevant State environmental protection polices
  • Documentation and graphical modelling of groundwater and aquifer data
  • Preparation of an Impact Assessment and/or remedial options study