Infrastructure Environmental Management

With its extensive experience in gas, roads, pipelines, utilities and the energy industry, Monarc has specialist expertise in environmental management for new and existing lineal infrastructure projects.


Monarc’s Infrastructure Environmental Management Services include:

  • Environmental Condition Reports
  • Flora and Fauna Surveys
  • Permitted Clearing assessments, Net Gain Assessments and Offset Management Plans
  • Site Specific and Construction Environment Management Plans to satisfy the requirements of relevant Authorities
  • Regulatory Approvals and Statutory Authority Permits including EPBC referrals and State planning referrals
  • Construction environmental supervision
  • Soil contamination assessment and Soil Management and Disposal Plans
  • Human health risk assessments
  • Reclassification of soils due to naturally occurring constituents where soils can be considered to not be contaminated
  • Delineation sampling to reduce and refine the volumes of contaminated soils going to landfill
  • Assistance with environmental management of hazardous goods, including design and construction of temporary bunding
  • Support for recycling of redundant infrastructure materials, including asphalt, concrete, road base, rails, sleepers and pipe
  • Site Environmental Management Plans for Watercourse crossings and protection of environmentally significant site features