Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

Monarc Environmental has extensive experience in all aspects of monitoring, evaluation and reporting to ensure that our clients can meet their environmental goals and obligations. From developing short and long term monitoring plans to advising on the implications of emerging regulatory changes, Monarc has unparalleled reputation in supporting regulatory compliance.


Monarc’s services for Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting include:

  • Discharge licence compliance through bi-annual to annual monitoring events for landfills with respect to surface water, groundwater, leachate water, landfill gas monitoring (indoor and outdoor)
  • Design, installation and monitoring of soil vapour and indoor vapour intrusion surveys for buildings and former gasworks sites.
  • Design, installation and annual Groundwater Monitoring Events (GMEs) for landfills, commercial premises, former gasworks sites and EPA audit sites to inform groundwater management and demonstrate compliance
  • Sampling of Dense and Light Non Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPLs)
  • Monitoring the remediation of soil and groundwater impacted by petroleum contamination
  • Foundry sand for acceptance to receiving facility
  • Wastewater sampling from road sawing activities
  • Oil testing for polychlorinated biphenyls of former transformers
  • Hydrotest water sampling to determine appropriate disposal options
  • Disused timber sleeper sampling for the rail industry