Trench Assessments

Organisations that excavate trenches and pits for the installation, relocation or removal of underground services such as cables or pipes require a process for the management of the excavated material, particularly where the spoil cannot be returned to the excavation or re-used elsewhere on site.

This situation is further complicated where it is not possible to stockpile the soil on site while the assessment for disposal is being undertaken. Under these circumstances, the soil must be characterised in situ before excavation starts, to inform appropriate disposal.

Monarc has developed a simple, cost and time-effective process for the in situ assessment of soil along trench alignments and at proposed pit locations. The output is a brief report with NATA-accredited analytical data that has proved highly acceptable to our clients, to the facilities receiving the waste soil and to the EPA.


Monarc’s services for Trench Excavation Assessments include:

  • Classification of excavated material for reuse and or disposal offsite to the appropriate receiving facility (recycling facility, treatment facility or landfill)
  • Environment Management Plans for directional drilling
  • Delineation sampling to reduce and refine the volumes of contaminated soils going to landfill
  • Liaison with the receiving facility (recycling, treatment or landfill)
  • Provide assistance with the completion of a waste transport certificate
  • Field marking of contaminated areas prior to excavation
  • Site supervision for the excavation and removal of contaminated material

Our clients include:

  • Power distribution and transmission utilities
  • Gas networks and owners of former gasworks sites
  • Water
  • Property developers
  • Road, rail and infrastructure networks
  • Councils
  • Construction companies and contractors